Financial Support

Family Assistance Fund

Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF) assists families with everyday costs such as household living expenses, mortgage payments, rent, food, utilities, travel expenses related to treatment, medical expenses, insurance deductibles, uncovered procedures and additional expenses the family might need assistance with during a child’s treatment.

Cordilia Campbell

We focus on children who are less than 21 years old and who are currently in treatment for or are in follow-up care for cancer in the northern Nevada.

All applications must be received prior to the child’s 21st birthday, but if medical treatment is ongoing NNCCF may continue to assist families until the child is 25 years old.


Emotional Support

When a child is diagnosed with cancer the whole family is diagnosed.

The battle can be devastating to patients, parents and siblings. NNCCF recognizes this battle and strives to support families through this. Our organization provides emotional support through family counseling at no cost to the family. We work with a number of local therapists that will meet with parents, the child in treatment and siblings, either together or separately, to guide them through the challenges and concerns that arise along the cancer journey.


Meeting and talking with other families who have a child with cancer can be another effective way to cope with difficult situations.

NNCCF organizes family outings throughout the year to help provide an opportunity for families to meet others and to allow patients, their siblings and parents to enjoy an activity together without sweating the cost or details. Sometimes families forget – or are unable -  to do the simple things like go to a baseball game, go fishing, or go miniature golfing.  NNCCF has faithful community partners that provide opportunities for these outings for our families at no cost.


In a perfect world, organizations like ours would not be needed. Children would never have to worry about how they will look with no hair and if they will make it to their first prom. Since this world is yet to be perfect and kids everyday are being faced with grown-up worries, we put a great importance on allocating funds toward cancer research.

“All types of childhood cancers combined receive only 4% of U.S. federal funding for cancer research.”

Every year, NNCCF partners with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, one of the nation's leaders in funding and facilitating the research of childhood cancer.


Each June, NNCCF representatives along with northern Nevada children with cancer and their families travel to Washington, D.C.

The group joins hundreds of other survivors, patients, families and advocates across the nation to meet with legislators and educate them on the need to support increased federal funding for childhood cancer research.

News and Awareness

One of NNCCF’s goals is to enhance and expand public awareness of childhood cancer.  Our staff, board members and volunteers meet with lawmakers and media, distribute gold ribbon pins with facts about childhood cancer and distribute posters explaining the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer. Check out some of our media coverage below.