Cancer is big, but our children’s will to live is bigger. We never want a child’s strength to fight to be hindered by the financial burden. NNCCF focuses on financial assistance to help families alleviate this burden.

In the battle against cancer, your child is doing the fighting, but this journey impacts the whole family. We support you and your family by taking special interest in your emotional health by providing compassionate support programs to guide you through this journey.NNCCF_Alyse

All applications must be received prior to the child’s 21st birthday, but if medical treatment is ongoing NNCCF may continue to assist families until the child turns 25 years old.


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Parent to Parent

Support Groups

Studies show that pediatric cancer affects more than just the child. The entire family is affected, including parents. Parents with more resources are proven to have better health, which means better care for your child.

We want to give you a new resource: someone else you can depend on for empathy and understanding, and a friend fighting a similar battle as you are. By connecting parents who have children of similar diagnoses, we hope to strengthen the fight in everyone.

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Emotional Support

When a child is diagnosed with cancer the whole family is diagnosed.

The battle can be devastating to patients, parents and siblings. NNCCF recognizes this battle and strives to support families through this. Our organization provides emotional support through family counseling at no cost to the family. We work with a number of local therapists that will meet with parents, the child in treatment and siblings, either together or separately, to guide them through the challenges and concerns that arise along the cancer journey.


Meeting and talking with other families who have a child with cancer can be another effective way to cope with difficult situations.

NNCCF organizes family outings throughout the year to help provide an opportunity for families to meet others and to allow patients, their siblings and parents to enjoy an activity together without sweating the cost or details. Sometimes families forget – or are unable -  to do the simple things like go to a baseball game, go fishing, or go miniature golfing.  NNCCF has faithful community partners that provide opportunities for these outings for our families at no cost.

Inspire Program

For our wonderful kids who have made it through the cancer journey and are now growing up as survivors, we would like to show our continued support. The Inspire Program is designed to guide childhood cancer survivors beyond their diagnosis into the world where limitless possibilities await.

Inspire offers the opportunity to receive individual counseling to address emotional and psychological needs; to attend a camp or educational conference to learn about the cancer journey and to receive social connection with other survivors; and to apply for a scholarship to attend a higher education institution or for job training academies.

Scholarship applicants must meet certain criteria and write an essay.

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