Family Events

NNCCF hosts tons of events throughout the year that offer social and emotional support for families touched by pediatric cancer. We plan activities and outings including bowling, movies, pizza parties, art projects, fishing retreats and more.



These events allow families the opportunity to enjoy a night out without straining their wallets and more importantly time to forget their worries for awhile. For budgetary reasons invitations are for immediate family members only. Some age restrictions may apply.

Parent to Parent

Support Groups

Studies show that pediatric cancer affects more than just the child. The entire family is affected, including parents. Parents with more resources are proven to have better health, which means better care for your child.

We want to give you a new resource: someone else you can depend on for empathy and understanding, and a friend fighting a similar battle as you are. By connecting parents who have children of similar diagnoses, we hope to strengthen the fight in everyone.

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Volunteers play a crucial role in fulfilling our organization’s mission. Though monetary donations are vital, non-monetary donations are also of the utmost importance. You can help make a difference in the lives of children and families affected by childhood cancer through giving your time, energy and talent.

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Monetary Donations

Help, Hope Courage... It's Why We're Here!

A gift of any size counts. The Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation uses your funds to greatly benefit a family whose child is undergoing cancer treatment or suffering late effects from treatment. Don’t forget that any donations made to NNCCF are 100% tax deductible.

Tribute Donations

You can honor someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, wedding or other special occasion by making a donation in their name to Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation. A tribute letter or special occasion card will be sent to the designated person(s) and a letter from Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, acknowledging your donation, will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Please include the following information when making a tribute donation:

  • Name of the individual being honored and the occasion.
  • Address of the person to whom you would like us to send your tribute letter
  • Your name and address

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Coffee With a Heart

NNCCF_CoffeeWithAHeartCupMark Berry, owner of Blind Dog Coffee, is a story that shows why we are here. At age 2, he developed a childhood cancer that verged on leaving him completely blind. Advancements in radiation therapy and strong will to fight allowed him to rise out of his circumstance a survivor. With the loss of one eye and part of the other Mark has made it part of his life’s work to help out other children battling cancer and their families.

Subscribe here and Blind Dog Coffee will mail you two amazingly fresh 1-pound bags of coffee per month, all while giving to a local family in need.

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Sponsor a Family

Childhood cancer is unimaginable to most. Even with insurance, on average, families with a child with cancer may pay around $40,000 out-of-pocket during one year of treatment. Medical and travel expenses can add up. Sponsor a child with cancer and their family:


Insurance copay for hospital or clinic visit


Session of professional emotional counseling


Family care package for new diagnoses

Any amount

Helps local children and their families battling childhood cancer



Sponsorships are an awesome opportunity for your company or organization to team up with Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and be a part of the impact we are making. Throughout the year we have sponsorships available for our specific fundraising and community events.

Your sponsorship can help leverage your corporate philanthropic mission and marketing dollars all while increasing local exposure and changing the lives of children. When corporate sponsorships like yours show up in our events and advertisers it allows your employees, clients, colleagues and the general public to see just how much your company cares about the community.

When sponsors pledge an annual donation of $1000 or more, we consider them for membership of the Hope Society.


The Hope Society

The Board of Directors of Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation established the Hope Society to help sustain our achievements and ensure continued growth.

NNCCF_HopeSocietyLogoWe would like to recognize those who continuously give to our mission through membership. Your membership is a financial investment in our organization, and therefore the future of the children and families we serve.

Membership is exclusively for individuals and businesses donating $1,000 or more to our fund annually and excludes specific event sponsorship and gifts in-kind. You can make a one-time lump sum donation or pledge recurring smaller amounts that accumulate to $1,000 or more throughout the year.


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In-Kind Donations

Any goods and services that are of value to a nonprofit organization are called “in-kind” donations.

The less overhead we have the more we are able to allocate directly to the children with cancer and their families.Check out the list below for items, services and material goods that are always in need.

Want to donate something not on this list? Contact us.



This program allows for in-kind giving that is a little more personal. The financial burden put on families who have children with cancer is immense, so during the holidays the thought of trying to manage gifts under the tree is overwhelming. By the gracious hearts of people like you NNCCF is able to alleviate this burden. Parents send us a  Wish-List for every member of the patient's immediate family and sponsors “adopt” their list.

We collect all the gifts on the list and in the weeks leading up to Christmas deliver them to their homes or hospital rooms. To be a part of this magical time of year, contact our Director of Programs and Services, Leslie Katich at or 775-825-0888.


The Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation recognizes the vital and valuable contribution and support from our sponsors and donors who help us ensure no child or their family will walk the childhood cancer journey alone. We rely on the generosity and support of all our partners.

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